Elizabeth O. Gross,

Certified Recovery Life Coach, ACC 


Craft Your Own Recovery

Craft Your Own Recovery!

Helping women create a nurturing recovery practice to grow, transform, heal and liv​e life fully!


Are you on a path that's 

working for you?

That's an important issue to cover in recovery coaching.  How do you know if it's the right path for you?  What does it have to feel like and look like for you to feel nurtured and challenged to grow in a healthy way?  Recovery coaching will help you find your answers to those questions.

The Recovery Coaching Approach

Coaching is a collaboration between you and me, your recovery coach,  and that leads to you finding the answers within.   Coaching involves you telling me what you'd like to work on, also known as the coaching agreement,  which is a process too.  It involves asking you powerful questions,  and following up with more questions, and sharing insights, and helping us get clear on what you want to receive coaching on.  

When we are clear on the coaching agreement, we will continue the coaching conversation with more powerful questions and we may use interactive exercises to help you gain more self-awareness and direction, and help you find your answers within.  The most important work that you'll do is in between sessions.  

Recovery coaching includes taking a close look at your current recovery practices and examines what's working, what' not working,  the gaps and opportunities for growth, and trying some new things!  Recovery is the ultimate adventure!

You set the agenda for what you want to work on, and you set your own goals, and the way(s) in which you want me, your recovery coach,  to support and hold you accountable.

How is your recovery contributing to living your life fully right now?

That's another important question about your recovery.  Are you currently living your life fully?  What does it mean to you to live your life fully? What does living your life fully look like to you?  What's getting in the way of you living your life fully?  Recovery coaching will help you better define what your living your life fully looks like, feels like, and how to get there.

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